The Black background always serves and is the most popular request. It is easy to accomplish in the setting of the barn. It serves to isolate the subject with the use of a large dynamic range. The sunlight that filters into the barn setting up for natural light enhances the round eye and the shine in the coat. Editing is minimal and consists of checking the black area for smooth value gradations and cleaning up small areas, the muzzle and the nicks and bug bites that are on every horse. Removing the lead lines as needed is the most technical part. My thought is the perfect groomed horse bring the best quality of image.
I like to find background elements and leave them softly in the light to give the owners a sense of their barn and use them as design elements.
Color Change is a very subtle. This horse is a natural deep chocolate. However in the summer he turns orange so color adjustments were made here to bring back the June Bloom
equipment- Canon Mark III 5D
lens- 100mm 1.4

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